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Boudie Babes of Little Rock

     Okay, I know what you're thinking... "It's 2017, so why are you blogging a 2016 event?" Because I suck at timely blogging, that's why. Even though it's a bit late, I had to make a blog post telling all about our December Boudoir Marathon!
     A boudoir marathon is basically just a weekend full of boudoir sessions. I host these once or twice a year in Little Rock with my lovely makeup artist, Amy Freyaldenhoven, of Beauty by Amy Frey. What makes this so special is the awesome deal that my clients get! Marathon sessions include a leather album that holds 20-25 of their favorite images. My single sessions do not include products, so this is a big deal! 
     This marathon was held in the Little Rock River Market district. With a hotel room that overlooks the river, has huge windows, and a gorgeous white headboard... you're destined for dreamy images!  Each session with us starts with hair + makeup. While you're being beautified, I go through the outfits that we've chosen together and I set them up for your session. I like to keep it around three outfits for marathon sessions since we're a bit limited on time. Once Amy is finished, we choose which outfit you'd like to start with and we go from there! It's completely normal to feel nervous about your boudoir session. I mean...who is comfortable posing in lingerie? Not me! But even if you're feeling a bit shy, my guidance and your favorite music will loosen you up a bit! All of my clients leave their sessions feeling a new sense of confidence and a whole lot of kickass. 
     Your privacy is of utmost importance, so I will only share your images if you allow me to! Most of my clients allow me to share their images in my private boudoir group (found here), but the decision is up to you! Here are a few of my favorite images from this marathon (that I can share)!

You can view more images on Facebook. Don't forget to join my private group here.