Best of 2016 | A Year in Review

         I know it's a little cliche to say, but 2016 has really been a year of growth for me and my business. It was my first full year as an official business here in Arkansas; I decided to specialize in seniors, couples, and boudoir portraiture; and I began my nursing school adventure at UALR. To say this year has been a wild ride would be an understatement, but I love where it has brought me. 
        Along with all of those business and lifestyle changes, my "style" of work has changed as well. My past few portrait sessions have allowed me to explore creatively and I've found what I want in my work. My ultimate goal is to capture true emotion and raw feelings in my portraits and I feel as if I finally found it. My style is raw & moody and shows real life. I've began to focus less on making my portraits perfect because sometimes (most of the time) that's not how life is. Sometimes you have to let go and
                                   let the moment speak for itself
        The end of the year is all about celebration, reflection, and making resolutions for the year to come. My resolutions for 2017 are to be more transparent in my business, to learn to "un-plug," go on more adventures, meet more people, and fully "put myself out there." I want to show my clients that I'm real, emotional, sarcastic, shy, fun-loving,  adventurous, and all the other things that make myself who I really am. Instead of trying to portray this perfect person that I'm not, I'm finding the beauty in imperfection.
       Here are my favorite images from this year. I hope you love them as much as I do!
I'm looking forward to see what awesome things 2017 will bring.